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Datacenter vs Cluster

Question asked by Samuel on Feb 18, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2019 by Samuel

We have all our Hyper-V servers globally managed by an SCVMM infrastructure. It manages all Windows host servers and their VMs. Some of those hosts are in load-balancing/fail-over configuration (what I would call "clusters"), others are simply standalone hosts. The Hyper-V connector gives the option to show the "DataCenter name" for the hosts. In the SIM, we chose to auto generate the datacenter names using the HostCluster (rather than the VMHostGroup).


I would expect that standalone servers are simply left without datacenter/cluster information (because they are not part of anything), but instead, Snow gathers all those standalone servers in a massive datacenter/cluster named after or SCVMM server. If I untick the "Put stand-alone servers into VMM Datacenter" setting in the Hyper-V connector, each standalone server goes into a datacenter/cluster named after the standalone server itself.


Is that the expected behaviour? Why are standalone servers showing any type of datacenter/cluster information?

How are you experts doing? What are your recommended settings?


(PS: I could not find a definition of "datacenter" or "cluster" as used by Snow.)