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Using Snow to store Certificates

Question asked by SnowyDave on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by ian.kimble

Hi All,


I've been a SLM user for 5 years and as of late, I've recently joined a new company. Their practices are a bit archaic and they use a lot of spreadsheets which I'm trying to pull them away from. 

Networks and a few other teams have asked if I, as an ITAM can start setting up alerts and reminders for any access certificates (wifi etc) so that if a cert is due to expire in 30 days, no one misses it and results in a major incident (let's not do what O2 did with their national outage!) 

I'm thinking that I could do it by setting up agreements with maintenance dates then setup a report with an email reminder?

I know it's not something that SLM was designed for, but when there's a lack of other tools I need to try and steer these guys :-)