Check for updated detection scripts

Discussion created by tom.lineen Advocate on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by sigam

Hi all,

I recently noticed that Snow have updated a number of the detection scripts which are installed on Windows agents.

On my Inventory Server the 4 scripts are dated

scan-msinfo.snow-ps1 -  latest update 21/12/2018

scan-toad.snow-ps1  – latest update 21/12/2018

scan-autodesk.snow-ps1  – latest update 3/10/2018

scan-swid.snow-ps1 – latest update 4/12/2017


I usually follow the software release announcements, but changes to these scripts are not published (to my knowledge). The only information I have been able to get from support is that the updated Microsoft script has improved detection of O365 products. By deploying the Autodesk and Microsoft scripts, we have resolved a couple of anomalies.


If you request a new agent these new scripts will be included, however if you are using an older Snow provided MSI installer, then you are potentially missing out on some of the enhancements that have been added.


I'm posting this here in the hope that it might remind someone else to check/update the scripts on their local machines.