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JAVA Run time Environment (v11)

Question asked by dschigt on Feb 21, 2019

Hi everybody,


Lately we have been focusing in our organization on JAVA and its potential impact for our license compliance position.
It is clear now that as per Oracle JAVA version 11 there might be a licensing implication (OracleJDK). Resulting to purchase JAVA subscriptions.


Closely related to OracleJDK, I was under the impression that JAVA Run time Environment would have been available too, as a separate installer file. However, such JRE installer seems no longer available...


What I now have become to understand is that IF you would like to make use of JRE solely, you need to make use of a separate tool. This tool is called jlink. By using jlink you can sort of extract the JRE from OracleJDK package and start using it.


Can anybody confirm this and/or nuance this? Secondly, do you have any experience with the tool jlink?
For instance: is it easy to use? Are there any side effects to expect?

Just a couple of questions from my side, simply to get a better understanding of the miracle world called JAVA... ;-)


Thanks for any thoughts and feedback.


Best regards,


Detlev Schigt