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How to inventory a non-connected environment?

Question asked by ACBush on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by johan.werner2

Hi there.   Service provider here with a hosted SPE platform for our clients (currently SLM8/SI5, but with SLM9/SI6 pending shortly).


We have a client with a part of their environment that - for security and other reasons - will not be able to communicate with our SPE platform.   But they are okay with deploying SI agents onto devices in the environment, and collating and transferring the resulting .snowpack files to us in other ways.


Does anyone have any best-practice guidance on the architecture for this?


I note that we could setup a stand-alone Gateway Receiver in the client environment and have the agents configured to send their data there, but...

a) It would seem that we wouldn't have any Discovery features available, and

b) What's the best procedure for exporting/importing the .snowpack files?


Any and all help greatly appreciated, thanks!