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Visio/Project online C2R media vs. traditional volume license media

Question asked by lieve.geelen on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2019 by SuzanneAllen

Does anyone know if Snow correctly recognizes which media has been used to do the on premise installation? What I mean is: when you purchase Visio Online, you need to use the click-to-run bits that you download from the Office365 portal to do the on-premise installation. When you purchase Visio or Project on prem perpetual license, you need to use the volume license media that you download from VLSC.


Can Snow see the difference between the click-to-run bits and the normal volume licensing media? I thought it could as in the application list, it shows two different application names namely Microsoft Office 365 Project Professional (C2R) versus Microsoft Office Project Professional 2016 (Volume Licensing media) so I thought I could assume that I could assign a Project Professional for O365 subscription to the first and a Project Professional 2016 license to the latter but now I am receiving feedback from customers that when they check the which media has been used,  they have used the C2R media and Snow indicates Project Professional 2016. Is the customer wrong or is Snow wrong. 


Can you please share your experiences? Also some best practices in assigning licenses are welcome.