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VMs with unknown Host or without host

Question asked by Bhagwat on Feb 25, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2019 by MarcoCambon

We are getting some VMs without hosts in SNOW. We have checked with VMware team that all the VMs are showing up and running and they also shared the associated hosts details for all VMs.

Please refer below image, there is a tab under host machine in SLM called "inventoried" so when we check all virtual machines associated to that host then we can that for some VMs inventoried is checked and for some it is unchecked. The checked VMs are showing in all computers list and unchecked VMS are not, but the problem is some of the unchecked VMs are also showing in all computers list and coming VMs without host in the reports.

Inventoried tab under the host machine

Uninventoried VM in all computers list

Please assist, if the VM is showing not inventoried then why it is reporting to SNOW. Currently total 32 VMs without hosts are showing in SNOW but this number and VMs are changing on daily basis. Appreciate your prompt response.