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Retrieving model description from Laptops for both HP and Lenovo

Question asked by JANJA on Feb 26, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2019 by ester.memoli

Hi all


New to this forum - hope you can help :-)


I've retrieved a report "All Computers" where one of the fields is the "Model". That works fine for HP PC's, which shows the "user friendly" model name, where as for Lenovo PC's their "internal" model number os shown - examples:


Manufacturer          Model

Lenovo                     20HFS0UE00

HewlettPackard       HP Elitebook 840


In SCCM you can retrieve the model information for Lenovo PC's (above example would be a Thinkpad T430S) from the field: Computer System Product.Version


Any ideas how to get the information directly from SNOW?