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Snow changes/deletes license data

Question asked by AnnikaReiß on Mar 1, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by Marc.nordbruch

Hello Community,


Snow keeps deleting license data in one particular license entry and after that the whole entry cannot be displayed (see below), only deleted.

The first time it happened I just thought it was my fault and that maybe I didn't  fill in every information or I forgot to save. The second time I wasn't 100% sure if I already created the new license entry. Now that it happened the third time I am more than a 100% sure that Snow does not like Windows Server Standard 2019 


As I tried to visualize in this screenshot with my excellent Paint skills, manufacturer, application and default metric are not filled in anymore:


Every time I tried to edit the entry, I get (and got) this result:


As this happened for the third time since December, I am very interested if anyone else has experienced this phenomenon or if my Snow is possessed by a Windows-Server-Standard-2019-hating poltergeist


Thank you very much in advance


P.S.: The license entry was fine for a few days, every time I created it - I didn't count for how long. But after some time, when listing all licenses, the first entry is this half-deleted one, because it doesn't have a manufacturer or application anymore.


Edit: Wrote Edition 2016 before, but it's actually 2019. Sorry!