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CSV License Import - Problem with Organization and Purchase Price

Question asked by dnnsrnhrdt on Mar 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2019 by BenRidgley

Hi @ll,


We are in the process of automating our license ordering process using the Snow Automation Platform. To cut a long story short: Someone makes a request about a certain number of license entitlement, then this request goes through the corresponding approval steps and at the end a CSV should be generated and imported into the SLM. No rocket science


Up to the creation of the CSV everything works fine, only when importing into the SLM I have my problems.

The csv looks like this:

"WinZip 15.0","Organisation","ROOT,DE","Installations","EUR","2019-03-10","30.00","5","Re-Nr - 12345 - Projektbeistellung TE"


The first problem I have is the assignment of the organizational units.

Based on "SLM9_UG_DataImportFieldDescription.pdf", I used "Comma" as delimiter and tried to import the data

Our org structure in SMACC

But the WebUI importer doens't recognize the delimiter

Chaging the org delimiter to "," in my user settings also doens't help. Changing the delimiter to any other char, still the same error


The second problem I have is a differenc price based on SLM language settings

CSV purchase price valie is : "30.00" - default powershell output from Snow AP


Snow SLM language user setting ENG/US (currency USD) - price value is 30.00

Snow SLM language user setting GER/DE (currency EUR) - price value is 3000


thanks for your support and helpful replies