Best Practice: SQL Password with special characters

Discussion created by cecilia.ringvall2 Employee on Mar 13, 2019



SLM can't be installed when the SQL SA user account has a password that contains some special characters, the one I tested are:  quotation mark: " underscore _ plus + 


When you reached the step in the wizard as below:

Putting in this password for the SA user with an non supported character only gives you a pop up error “could not connect to the specified SQL server” Not really an error pointing to that a non supported SQL password is the reason


The tricky part when getting this error message you assume it could be something blocking like firewalls or other issue, so you then try the connection to the SQL server by creating a UDL example: "test.udl" to check the SQL access/connection with this specific SA account and password. And it´s no problem the connection test is successful


So, the limitation for SQL passwords with special characters are in the SLM installation GUI, not in SQL server

A Quick workaround, change the SA password and remove /replace special characters and try the new password.