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Failed to add license because of metric

Question asked by uday Advocate on Mar 19, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by stephen.wood

We have a product  "XYZ" and purchased multiple license types Node locked and concurrent (floating) licenses.

Creating floating license for XYZ application:

When I want to add "XYZ" floating license in snow - metric is not showing 


So I went to the "XYZ" application edit tab and selected concurrent device and saved. finally I have created the "XYZ" concurrent device license.


Creating Node locked license for same XYZ application:

but I can't able to create Node locked license for the same "XYZ" application. I'm not able to choose installation type, it's showing only concurrent devices.  How do I manage this.

BTW: I'm not able to select the Assignment type as computer When I choose the concurrent devices metric.