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Question asked by PeteS Advocate on Mar 20, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by Samuel

Hi, I have an issue with Snow reporting back correct install information for Exchange and the server OS.


A few weeks back I found out that Snow was mis-reporting on some Server OS installs, this was raised with my service provider and apparently being raised with Snow.


Today I have discovered that Snow is failing to report the correct number of Exchange Server installs. Has anyone ever seen Snow report on "Microsoft Exchange Best Practices Analyzer 14" when it should be reporting on "Microsoft Exchange Server"?

Reason for thinking this, the servers that Snow failed to report back correctly have the analyser app installed and the servers with Exchange did not have this app.


I have pinged this to my SP, but would appreciate any input from anyone whom may have experienced something similar and how to remedy this as I was about to do my annual true-up.