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Snow SQL Query to get Datacenter/Cluster with Windows VMs

Question asked by ITSO-AS Advocate on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2019 by Marcel Hirsch



For us, it's currently not possible to simply calculate our Windows license requirement for our VMWare Hosts with Snow. It calculates always a wrong number of required licenses, so we still manage our Windows license requirement with an Excel sheet. We now like to calculate the requirement with an SQL query.


We'd like to check via SQL on which Datacenter/Cluster we have VMs with Windows installed and then calculate the Processor and Core Count for these Datacenters/Clusters.


Does someone know how to do this with SQL?


It would be great to just get the Datacenter/Cluster informations and the information about the VMs running on them. The calculation afterwards should be possible to do with powershell.


Thanks and kind regards