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Same computer MULTIPLE unique SNOW ID's HELP

Question asked by q155344 on Mar 25, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by roger.jud1

Snow is assigning new unique identifiers every time that a device gets un-quarantined and it also assigns a new unique ID anytime a device falls out of snow and get put back in. If snow is using the following criteria to determine if a device is new why would this be happening?  

In Inventory 5, the computer identity is calculated by the Inventory server using the following fields:

  • BIOS serial number
  • BIOS vendor
  • Hostname
  • UniqueID (MachineSID on windows, Serialnumber on macOS and AIX, MachineID on HPUX and HostID on Solaris)
  • Site name

These fields are only used for identity if they have a value.


If any two values are different then this will be considered unique and a new record will be created.