Migrating from Inventory Server 3 to Inventory 6

Discussion created by Birkemose on Mar 26, 2019

Please note that we strongly recommend to run the upgrade guided by either professional services or a qualified Snow partner. Please contact your account manager or your local Snow partner for further information and assistance. If you are unsure who your account manager is, please submit a ticket to support.

Please be advised that any resulting issues during the upgrade from uncertified resources is not covered by the Support Agreement and therefore needs to be remedied by Snow Professional Services or certified Snow Partners.

Please note that we strongly recommend before doing any attempt to upgrade any product to backup all servers and databases. Please follow the guidelines provided by snow from the Snow Support Portal .

And remember always to check minimum Snow System Requirements also found on the snow support portal.

When migrating from Inventory Server 3 to Inventory 6 the recommended and supported setup is to have the same collation on the InventoryDatabase (SnowDB), SnowLicenseManager Database AND the SQL instances they recede on. 

So, when you need to upgrade your Inventory server there could be an issue if the SLM and Inventory doesn’t have the same collation. However, this differs from the collation of the master, msdb, tempdb etc. as the upgrade of Inventory 3 to 5 will create a new database with SQL default collation. This leaves you with a newer Inventory server running the Data Update Job where there is a collection mismatch between both databases AND the SQL Instance. Which can create problems.

Luckily there is a simple and easy fix.

Before starting the installation of the Inventory server 5 or 6 simply create a SQL user ex. SnowAdmin new Database named SnowInventory owned by SnowAdmin

And then set the collation to the same as the SnowLicenseManager database.

Then simply run the installation as normal and you will not have the problem with collection mismatch between the databases.