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SubAgreement with new terms

Question asked by MichaelW on Mar 26, 2019

Can someone confirm my understanding is correct on this:


I have an open ended Master Agreement, and a SubAgreement with multiple agreement periods (say 2010-2011; 2011-2012; 2012-2013).   As long as the terms of the SubAgreement stay the same from year to year everything seems fine.   I can tie the licenses back to that SubAgreement.     


My question is this:  What if in a renewal in 2014 the terms of the Agreement change, e.g. it switches from perpetual to subscription?     Should I then stop adding agreement periods to SubAgreement A (e.g. 2013-2014) and create a brand new SubAgreement B.   It seems this is mandatory since the Subscription field is binary, i.e. 'Yes' or 'No'.       


If I do create a new SubAgreement B, should I then create a new license record to tie the new subscription licenses to SubAgreement B?     I guess the thing I'm trying to get clear about is that when any of the terms of an Agreement A besides the valid date(s) change, then a new Agreement B needs to be created and a new License agreement entered to link back to new Agreement B.   Correct?