How Snow components are kept up to date

Discussion created by tom.lineen Advocate on Jun 16, 2017
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Hi All,


I've been looking for a definitive list of which Snow components are updated by SUS.

I think it would be a great idea to document which components are automatically updated and (more importantly) which components/services require manual interaction.

I wasn't sure where to put this info - if it should not be in a Discussion I can move it somewhere else.



The latest version of all Snow Applications can be downloaded from here:


Here is a list - which I hope we can all add to.

ProductManaged (Automatic Updates)Latest VersionLast Updated
Snow License ManagerYes - Latest updates applied though SUS8.116th May 2017
Snow Management and Configuration CenterYes - Latest updates applied though SUS8.116th May 2017
Software Recognition ServiceYes - Latest updates applied though SUS Daily
Automation PlatformYes - Latest updates applied though SUS  
Snow Integration ManagerNo - requires Manual Download/Install5.3.126th May 2017
Snow Inventory 3 Server Components   
Windows AgentsNo - requires Manual Intervention  
Inventory Data Reciever (IDR)No - requires Manual Download/Install2.110th Oct 2016
Inventory Data Processor (IDP)No - requires Manual Download/Install4.6.0928th Jul 2016
Active Directory Discovery ServiceNo - requires Manual Download/Install 1.023rd Jun 2016
Snow Inventory 5 Server Components   
Windows AgentsYes - via Service Gateway/Service Master5.1.0 
Service Gateway (Snow Inventory 5 Server)Updated via SUS/Service Master5.1.067th Jun 2017
Service Master (Snow Inventory 5 Server)Updated via SUS5.1.067th Jun 2017


Edit: Service Gateway and Service Master updated as per Landon's comment


I will add more information when I can