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User Quarantine & History

Question asked by tprobins Advocate on Jun 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by karim.boufaghes

We have found that if we delete User data after they leave our organization, then in some cases their usage history of Hardware is also removed. Another way to say this is, we have found Archived devices with no User history. 


If for example, a laptop is not returned by someone that has left the company, after 90 days, we are unable to find out who last used that particular device.


All we are left with is contacting the Manager being charged for that device (aka: the person’s boss) and saying “This device was never returned by someone that works for you. Here is the serial number of the device, but we have no record of who was last using it. Do you happen to have this device?”


Three questions:

  • Is it true that if we do not remove User data once employees have left the company, that they accumulate and count against us? Maybe not against the Snow Inventory Client license count, but against our record count - ?
  • What is our motivation behind removing Users?
  • Is there a way that we can remove User’s data that have left the company, but keep the User history of who has used a device?