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Compatibility between Snow Agent and SIM Connector

Question asked by Samuel on Mar 29, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2019 by Samuel

When the SIM Connectors send data to the Inventory Server, it overwrites the data previously send by the Snow Agents. Can the data from the connector add to the data from the agent instead of replacing it?


Example: Our Windows servers all have an agent running and they scan at 9am local time. At 12pm (EST), the Hyper-V connector runs and send data on the Hyper-V servers. This data seems to overwrite anything for those servers that was sent earlier by the agents. As a result, during the DUJ at 9pm (EST), the DUJ runs and only takes data from the SIM connector. I end up with servers that only have an OS and no other application installed.

The issues are:

  • The SIM connector does not bring information about installed applications
  • The SIM connector does not bring information about metering
  • The SIM and the local Snow Agent run on different schedules (the Agent runs on local time)
  • If the Connector reports last, then it is not possible to trigger a scan from the SMACC manually