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Organization AutoConnect Rules - REDUX

Question asked by Mark.Walther Advocate on Mar 27, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2019 by TnJ8cR

Another question about auto connect rules. As I posted previously it is tough finding the right combination to fit all situations. Especially when you acquire another company and their PC naming is all over the place.


I was reviewing my autoconnect rules and removing ones that show nothing in the preview tab. Obviously that rule is useless and not picking up anything. I'd like to use Hostname primarily, but use IP as a secondary rule in case host naming is non-standard. 


So here's my question, given that above, if I see items in the preview for IP that have names that would fulfil the hostname rule, I can remove the IP rule, right? And why would it not pickup in the hostname rule first? Are they looked at in the order they sit in the properties window? Can that order be changed? 


OK, that was more than 1 question. Sorry. 


Any insight into this is appreciated.