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Custom Configurations and Agent Deployment

Question asked by mark.potts Employee on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by marc.farmen

We are just looking at Inventory 5.  I see I can create a custom agent configuration within the console, however a number of the settings I need to apply (for example adding custom registry keys to the scan) are not available through the User Interface.


Reading the manual it appears I have to therefor manage my snowagent.config file manualy outside of the user interface, which in itself is a shame and I think that should be fixed...


But that brings me to my next dilema, If I create an agent deployment I can only select from the configurations inside the console, so my custom snowagent.config is not available at this stage.


If I create an agent update policy to deploy my custom snowagent.config to all computers in a site, it appears to deply to those computers that exist at the time the policy was created, so if I deploy a new agent after creating the policy it does not get my custom snowagent.config file.


Is there any best practice on how to manage this type of scenario.