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Bulk License Import Error

Question asked by aurora.sullivan on Apr 9, 2019
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When I do a bulk import of licenses, some licenses have maintenance and some don't in a single bulk import. 


Where there is no maintenance for licenses, I populate the spreadsheet with 'no' in the SA column. I then map this column to the correct field into Snow. 


However, when I'm doing the import, the licenses with no maintenance appear in yellow. I then have to go in and manually remove the maintenance box within the license as the import wizard still see's it has having maintenance, even when I populate the SA column with 'no'.


I had a look in the user guide and it suggests using either 'no' or '0'. I've tried both ways and I still encounter the error. Has anyone else experienced this?


If so, what do you do to avoid it or is this a known issue?


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