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Integration Manager and VM Placeholders

Question asked by snowmears on Apr 10, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2019 by snowmears

Hi, hopefully someone on here can provide a bit of guidance on something.


We have Snow Integration manager 5.13.0 and have configured to collect data from two VM Virtual Centers. Our Live site has all VMs running and the DR site has some test and dev servers.


We use Site Recovery Manager which creates a placeholder in the DR Site for every server in the Live site. The placeholders are not technically servers, they can not be powered on (without running SRM). When I look in Snow for every VM I see two, one at the Live Site and one in the DR site, the one in the DR site is powered off.

Whilst this isnt really a massive issue I would rather not see the placeholders in Snow. In the integration manager, I see the setting for Exclude Powered off Hosts and Templates but nothing to exclude powered off Guests.


Is there a way that I can exclude these placeholders (powered off Guests)?? Thanks