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Where are the serial number for Unix machine?

Question asked by xwin on Apr 25, 2019

Hi all,

Hope you guys could help to share your view and expertise on this matter.


When verifying data from Snow Agent for Unix. I've noticed that there are no serial number being inventoried.

Is there something that i've done wrongly or did i miss something? Or does this actually the unix agent default behavior?


I've had raised a case to Snow Support regarding BIOS Serial for Unix. Support had mentioned that the agent is collecting BIOS Serial via 'smbios' command. Weirdly enough not all Unix machine supports 'smbios'. I had been informed that smbios only works on x86. But i have no chance to verify that since all my unix machine are not on x86 platform. So i keep on wondering is Unix Platform is actually supported by Snow Agent or just partially supported; or whichever is convenience.


Since it comes to that, the agent not able to collect 'unique identifier' other than Hostname, IP and MAC. Mind you, those data are considered ephemeral, it could be changed from time to time. This being a major headache from virtual environment perspective. You would have no idea where does your vm located at.


The agent does actually collects some information HostId(Solaris) and Serial(AIX). But those information are only being used as manifest data. Even though those are physical host information, but it is useful as well for Virtual Machine identification.


So the question that keep bugging me is:

1. Does Snow Agent actually collects Unique Serial? Especially for VM and containers.

2. There are unique serial/id that exist in those machines, but why Snow Agent doesn't collects it?

3. Why HostID/Serial not being inventoried for user to see?

4. If all the agent rely on is 'smbios', does the agent actually working well on non-x86 platform?


Note1: I'm doing prelim test on solaris x86 on vmware. No BIOS Serial collected for now.