Snow Unique Computer Identifiers

Discussion created by Shazberry on May 5, 2019
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There are a truckload of Questions on Globe relating to the scenario of Computer Names changing or Operating Systems versions changing which causes dupes in SLM and loss of application and metering history.  I guess that a number of environments are upgrading the OS of their fleets pending Microsoft Support of OSs ending.  A great time to also refresh the naming convention since this is such an environment-wide project generally.



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Snow Inventory 6 User Guide  , chapter 8.7


This is causing confusion within the user frontend (SLM) when an asset is represented in effect twice, thereby over-inflating the actual number of computers in the environment.  Additionally,  when it is identified and the "older one" is archived, you lose that metering history you want to hold onto for at least 90 days.  If you let it naturally edge out through Quarantine Management to satisfy a 90 day history, then you are requiring two Snow Licenses and back to an over-inflated representation of computer numbers.


This discussion is to bring together the experts views (and not so expert...that's me) as to how Snow currently does, and importantly might evolve computer identification or at least systematically link data between two computer assets that an infrastructure level, the same computer.


I have read threads that state different answers to "What does Snow Inventory use to identify if a computer is existing or a new computer?"


I look forward to reading responses to this discussion.