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SQL authentication - switching to Windows authen. mode

Question asked by Dominik_Podgorski on May 6, 2019
Latest reply on May 12, 2019 by Dominik_Podgorski

Dear Snow Community! 

One of our client is using Windows authentication mode to access SQL Server databases. Due to security reasons, using SQL authentication or Mixed authentication mode is not allowed. During the SNOW installation, SQL Server was switched to mixed mode and sa account was enabled for us. System was successfully installed and it's up and running for few weeks now without any issues. Currently I'm trying to figure it out how to switch SQL account LicenseManagerUser to service account provided by Customer. 


Is there any guideline that I can use? Did anyone successfully switch to Windows authentication mode? 

Service account created by Customer has the same rights in SQL Server as LicenseManagerUser. 


I understand that I have to start by changing User name and Password in Web Configurator.



When I provide service account name and password, hitting Test connection button gives me a message that connection was successful. The next step is to change settings in IIS (Applicactions pool -> SnowLicenseManager->Advanced Settings->Identity) and run snow services with service account instead of using local system account. 


Setting Identity in IIS is not a big problem, however when I'm trying to run services with the new service account, SLM portal stops working and some services are showing errors in logs. My questions is - do I need to change all services or just only particular ones? 

Is there anything else I need to do in the system to make it work e.g. giving permissions to service account to listen on some ports?

I would appreciate your support. 

ALL components are running in the latest versions.