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Inventory Server Multiple Endpoints

Question asked by mathias.wickel Advocate on May 7, 2019
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I have a Master Inventory Server, which gets the inventories from the agents via HTTP. Now I want to install a service gateway in another network which should send the inventories encrypted via HTTPS to the Master Inventory Server. Has someone already implemented that the master server receives inventories via HTTP(Agent) and HTTPS(Service Gateway)?


I have found the following KB article. Has anyone tried this before?


– Please refer to KB0011918 - User Guide: Snow Inventory Server - Update revision 5.2 section 8.7.5 of for full information
– The SnowSoftware.Inventory.Server.OwinWebApiServerModule is used for configuration of multiple URLs with different ports.
– Example for configuration:
   <Module typeName="SnowSoftware.Inventory.Server.OwinWebApiServerModule">
      <Setter propertyName="BaseAddress">"http://SERVERNAME:80"</Setter>
      <Setter propertyName="AltBaseAddresses">["http://SERVERNAME:81","http://SERVERNAME:82"]</Setter>

 Note that it’s not possible (in the tool) to configure multiple HTTPS endpoints.
However you could use one HTTPS and multiple HTTP ports if needed.


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