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Scheduled Reports Write to File Not Working

Question asked by JamesECC on May 10, 2019
Latest reply on May 10, 2019 by DavidHobbs

Good morning,


Apologies if this is an obvious one, but I have taken on some responsibility for our SNOW installation (Version 8.3 Revision 08 Build 7026), and have been trying to get Scheduled Reporting to work. We now have emails working correctly following changes made in the SMACC for our SMTP settings, but I am still unable to get the "write to a file" functionality to work the way I assume it should.


I did some searching and found the user guide "Snow Inventory Client for Windows Version 3.7" which states on page 3;


The Snow Inventory Client for Windows can deliver inventory result in different ways, for example:
▪ over HTTPS, which is the most common (and recommended)
▪ writing the result to a file share

...but that then doesn't appear to explain or expand on the second bullet further than that when I searched through the document.


I can create a schedule just fine... the schedule itself appears to work; you create a "to file" schedule, you see it as "next due", and when that date / time passes, the next due and last exported is correctly "updated", but no file (regardless of type chosen to use) ever appears in a network folder like \\fileserver\openarea\ which I know to be open to all active directory users on our domain (so I'm told anyway)


A colleague with server access found what looked like a report I scheduled during testing to "c:\temp" (hoping it would be my local machine c:\temp aka \\ESXL123456\c$\temp) actually in the server's temp folder \\snowserver\c$\temp.

Further testing has shown that if we give the path of \\snowserver\c$\temp, the files ARE successfully written to that temp folder on the actual server.


My feeling is this is a permissions error in some way; what "account" would SNOW be using to try and perform the write to file, for example? Can it write to a file outside of it's own server, if you see what I mean.


I can't RDP to the server directly, or access it via CMD line as I'm in more of a SNOW "user" role than someone who configures the server directly.


My goal here is to try and integrate SNOW with Microsoft SharePoint so that the latest reports can be made available on SharePoint, with SNOW itself writing the new files directly to the SharePoint folder, overwriting the previous run's one (like a daily / weekly update)


Thanks for any input.