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Windows 10 Migration

Question asked by q155344 on May 10, 2019
Latest reply on May 17, 2019 by q155344

Our organization is currently migrating all of our machines to windows 10. Today we have found a pretty concerning issue that my team is unsure about. Let me break it down. We have machines that when their deice gets updated to windows 10 the old applications that where on their windows 7 machines are still showing in snow. We have reached out to users to ask about this to get verification. Many users state that they had the software installed on their windows 7 machine but since the upgrade have not reinstalled the software. However, in snow the device is still showing that the software is installed. The last used date and discovery date is before the migration.I have only been working with snow for 2 months now but would like to know more about how snow updates the applications on devices. It looks like new application are being updated but the old ones are not being purged. Please help.