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How do you get alerted on Agreement Renewals?

Question asked by helen.chambers on May 14, 2019

We have hundreds of agreements with critical/warning/renewal alert dates varying from 30 days to 2 years.


We are struggling to set up sufficient email notifications for upcoming agreement renewal decisions. We have set up the three alert dates -renewal, warning, critical. With the Renewal date being how many days prior to the agreement expiry it must be renewed.


The three methods we've been testing are as follows:

1. Agreement Notifications. We can set a notification that an agreement is expiring in X days. The issue is some agreements need notifications just 60 days in advance, but some have 2 year notice periods. These notice periods are stored in the agreement Alerts tab, but don't seem to relate to Notification options


2. Using Scheduled Agreement reports: Agreement reports will show the Agreement End Date, and the field Renewal will show the number of days in advance this must be renewed, however there is no field that shows what date that is, and as such we can't set an automated report for when this date is.


3. Snowboard Alerts: shows alerts for warning/critical periods, but not an alert when the renewal date has been hit.


I'm interested to hear if we're missing an obvious solution, or what your workarounds are!


Many thanks for your thoughts