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New Windows Server licensing reports

Question asked by carola.iberl Advocate on May 14, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2019 by Sethu

Hi all,

With SLM 9.2 Snow implemented a lot of very helpful reports to check Windows Server compliance.

ana.marquez described that in her blog Windows Server licensing. Unfortunately I cannot add a comment to that blog, that's why I post it here.


The new Windows Server reports are great, but I noticed Snow completely changed the way virtual machines are handled. All virtual Windows Servers do not produce a license requirement any more, they are licensed by the physical host or in case of an unknown host are listed as risk. That's ok.


But what I do not understand is why these virtual Windows Servers are not shown in a compliance report any more. I would like to see them at least as installations (without license requirement)

It's then the same, when I check the application details for Windows Server applications. There the number of installations shows only the number of physical installations. 

I would expect to see the total amount of installations (physical and virtual) and then see in the compliance tab the amount of virtual machines, that are excluded from license requirement.

In my opinion the current way to show this is confusing. For every other application (like SQL Server) an installation on a virtual machine is shown in the "Installations" amount.


I'm just not sure, if that is intended or if this is a bug.

If it was intended, then I would like to know the reason.