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Oracle  - Add Software Update License & Support (SULS)

Question asked by SAM@kuka on May 15, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2019 by chris.denboer

Hi everyone, 

as a new SLM user I can´t find any guidline how to add a yearly ordered Oracle Software License Update & Support to an existing license. How can I link these SULS to a license?




Hi, I will expand and concretize my question:

Which contracts are nessessary to add? The OMA/OLSA and the service contracts?

If I need service contracts too (the contract with a special number, you get annual offers and include CSI numbers, products and runtimes), do I fill the number at the field "Agreement" (pic.1)? The "Agreement" - field is to be filled with contracts from the Agreements / Add agreements / Oracle agreements (pic.2).

The "OMA/OLSA reference" field (pic.3) ist only a textfield.

SULS (Software Update License and Support): How and where I fill the recommended data? Add licenses is (nearly) clear but what about the maintanence?

Any Idea? The guideline gives me not enough support and the Snow consultance also not....