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Parameters and Run Conditions

Question asked by mark.potts Employee on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by joakim.johansson

I am working on creating a new workflow, it is quite a complex beast so for my sanity I wanted to have a parameter lets call it "Status", then at each step in my workflow I would have a run condition set so the activity would only run if "Status" -eq Continue.


Sounds simple, but I am struggling with it so I am hoping someone can help me out.


I create the parameter as part of Activity 1, I then take it as an input into each subsequent step and then output it at the end of the step.


When I am creating my run condition and I look up my parameter Status, I see that there are entries for the parameter from each action in my workflow.


Run Condition Parameter Lookup


My workflow could have many steps, and the status could be set to "Finish" by any step in the process.


Do I have to set run conditions to check the status at every step in the process and continue only if they are all "continue" as so:


Run Condition


or is there a simple way to just update a single parameter at every step in the process so I can just have a single run condition on each step?