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Future Agreement Periods

Question asked by shelley.linbourn on May 17, 2019

We add a new agreement period each year for support agreements yet SNOW doesn't seem to consider that there is a future agreement period added and includes these agreements in the 'expiring in the next 60 days' report.  In essence it isn't expiring but the current period is.  Why does SNOW not recognise there is a future period? Do other customers just use one line which is then continually extended for the Agreements 'Agreement Period' tab?  This doesn't sit too well with me as i prefer to have all detail we can hold on existing and historic agreements.


For example, we have an agreement expiring on 30th May 2019, it has been renewed and a new period begins on 1st June 2019 yet this agreement is being reported as expiring in the next 60 days as it is now only 17th May and to SNOW the current period is expiring.  Am i missing something really obvious here?