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32bit Windows Agent issues with 64bit OS

Question asked by Samuel on May 17, 2019
Latest reply on May 20, 2019 by DavidHobbs

Hi everyone,


Just wanted to make you aware that a limitation has just been detected on the 32bit version of the Windows Snow Agent. If the 32bit agent is ran on a 64bit Windows OS AND the config file contains some <Include> path elements, the Agent may miss some EXE files in its scan (apparently the undetected files are in the 64bit "Program Files" folder). As a result, some applications will not be detected and compliance will be wrong. We have a ticket open (CS0043562) and this problem has been reproduced by Snow Support.


The workaround so far is to install the 64bit version of the Windows Agent or to remove the <Include> elements (BEWARE: removing the <Include> elements will result in scanning all attached drives and will be much slower).


We had trouble completely uninstalling the 32bit version which prevented the 64bit version from installing properly. The only way in our case was to run the following uninstall command from an elevated command prompt:


msiexec /x {DB3112B5-7611-F010-AE6F-7ED5C1ACC7AD} /q


(replace the product code with your own depending on the version of the agent you are using)


Does anybody have clever ideas about the best way to replace all 32bit instances with a 64bit? This is not possible through the SMACC without lowering the security (opening ports and using a legacy upgrade method through SMACC+PSEXEC)