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Strange behaviour when "snowagent" detects windows registry key

Question asked by fabio_b on May 21, 2019
Latest reply on May 21, 2019 by fabio_b

I've a strange behaviour of agent (windows) when registry keys are read.

In the Inventory I can see the device with own applications, registry keys, etc...

Next I delete, from Inventory, the device and after forced "snowagent scan+send" (in the device), I can see the device but registry keys are disappeared.

After 1 hour I repeat snowagent scan+send but registry keys are not visible (also in the Inventory database). I can see the correct time when snowagent has sent snowpack data but registry keys are empty (in Inventory).

I don't understand what's happened. 

This behaviour is not the same for all devices but only for some devices.

All devices (with visible and without visible registry keys) are windows.