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Computer identity - Bios s/n only?

Question asked by MarcoCambon on May 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by MarcoCambon

We need to identify a machine as unique relying on Bios s/n only, is this possible ?


We know that in Inventory 5, the computer identity is calculated by the Inventory server using the following fields:

  • BIOS serial number
  • BIOS vendor
  • Hostname
  • UniqueID (MachineSID on windows, Serialnumber on macOS and AIX, MachineID on HPUX and HostID on Solaris)
  • Site name

and that if any two values are different then this will be considered unique and a new record will be created.


We have this specific need in our Datacenter -single SiteName- as we creates several VMs -always Phoenix Technologies LTD as bios vendor- with the same hostname starting form a VMware template. These machines are not even sysprepped so they keep the same WinMachineSID.