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Other OrgID info not showing in tables

Question asked by q155344 on May 22, 2019
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So I was running the following query 

select l.FullName, l.Email, l.Location, c.HostName, x.Name from SnowLicenseManager.dbo.tblUserInfo l
inner join SnowLicenseManager.dbo.tblComputerUsers k on l.UserID = k.UserID
inner join SnowLicenseManager.dbo.tblComputer c on k.ComputerID = c.ComputerID
inner join SnowLicenseManager.dbo.tblComputerApplications a on c.ComputerID =a.ComputerID
inner join SnowLicenseManager.dbo.tblApplication x on a.ApplicationID = x.ApplicationID
where x.Name like 'ActivePerl 5' and k.MostFrequent = 1


I thought all was well until I realized that this was only pulling info for the main OrgID. For example we have Org123 and Org123/Dev.


Anyone know why these tables are only pulling data for the one OrgID?