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Suggestion for IT Operations on Installation Directories

Question asked by MDancy on May 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by markus.metzger

Hi everyone,


We've come across an issue with a number of applications being installed in numerous directories. I'm assuming the application database is populated from product documentation notating suggested directories but how are you all capturing deployment data for applications installed in "unconventional" directories? FYI, this does not apply to packages that are being deployed in a systematic fashion via a software distribution solution (like SCCM/DSM).


Essentially we're unable to see these being installed and have concerns around adding a new directory to scan for each random directory where these applications could be installed. Is this normally controlled via IT Operation policies or does anyone have suggestions on how we can get a better handle on this? It may be worth mentioning we are operating on a hosted SNOW solution, meaning some options may be out of our control.


Many thanks, appreciate all of your suggestions/feedback.