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DUJ: Long runtime on dbo.JobRefreshAlerts

Question asked by markus.metzger Advocate on May 31, 2019

Hi all

since release change to #SLM 9 we see that this jobstep takes long time in the DUJ processing.

Snow Support is more or less no help.

It is suggested to disable "#auto indexing" on MS SQL, but when we ask on which table, we should get consulting service on that. We know that tblAlerts is the table which causes the problem.


So I post the question in this forum:


The following indexes are currently defined in our database:
- IX_tblAlerts_CID_UserID
- PK_tblAlerts


It this the setting which you also have and your runtimes are ok / not ok (>1h)?


Thank you for helping!


Best regards

Markus Metzger