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License Metric Issue

Question asked by Jaymac on Jun 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by Jaymac

I hope someone can assist me.


I have purchased Per-User license key for 12 people for Beyond Compare 4 Pro (, but their definition of a User leaves with with an unusual metric to try and figure out how to program.


Below is their definition:


Per-User License Key:  A Per-User License Key may be purchased for a specific quantity of users.  Each user of the total quantity may be either (a) a person who has access to the Software on any number of computers, or (b) a computer on which the Software will be installed for use by any number of persons, one at a time, while physically present at the computer. 


So...this leave me trying to figure out how I can set a metric when it can either be 1 user on many machines = 1 license or 1 machine with many users one at a time = 1.


The SKU BC4P10A for the product is recognized, but the metric that auto populates is only for 'x' number of Installations so this does not account for an individual user who may need it on multiple machines but only consuming 1 license.


Suggestions? Ideas? Help.


Many thanks