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Which standard reports do software vendors offer ...?

Question asked by markus.metzger Advocate on Jun 7, 2019

... how do we deal with them?


I would like to start a collection of standard reports from software vendors which show the license position of the customers. This collection shall generate common best practices and ideas for import and varification within SLM.


Here some for the start...


SAP   -    Customer's Contract & License position

It contains

- contract view: summary of all contracts

- material view: list of all booked license materials

- installation view: list of all customer installations

- maintenance view: shows all contracts, their percentage and their corresponding fee

- all sales data: bulk information of each customer transaction


You can get this report on request  from SAPs contract department.

TODOs when received:

1. Verify contracts against agreements in SLM and SOS. Adjust data.

2. Verify licenses against recorded licenses in SLM and SOS. Adjust data.

3. verify maintenance against recorded maintenance information in SLM and SOS. Adjust data.


Feel free to add what you know!


Best regards
Markus Metzger