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Application lists installed on computer, but application does not display on drill through

Question asked by Gareth on Jun 7, 2019

I'm having an issue with certain application not showing as installed on a computer, where in another part of snow licence manager it shows it as being installed.


On my own PC I have Microsoft Power BI Desktop 2 installed.


In snow, if I follow Applications>List All Applications> then filter on Power BI>snow reports 200 odd installs and lists my computer name, first discovered etc (though it does not display last used date) amongst them.


However when I click through in to my device, it does not list Microsoft Power BI Desktop 2 in the list of applications. The same if I go to Computers>List all Computers and filter on my device name, Power BI does not show as being installed


How can this be?


Using Snow Licence Manager Version 8.3 Revision 08   Build 7026