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Cloud Metering vs. Web Applications

Question asked by Mark.Walther Advocate on Jun 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2019 by martin.christersson2

I just enabled Cloud App Metering post SLM 9 upgrade and updated Windows client package (6.2.0). I asked for the new client to include the browser add-on (or whatever it is called) to be included for IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc.


I am starting to see a lot of Cloud App/Web sites showing up via the Cloud Application Summary Widget.


My question is, does this replace the Web Applications feature in the SLM Administration page? Or enhance/augment it? How does that addition to the SNOW Agent/Client contribute to this process?


I have gone through all entries, validated and removed a lot of URL's that had been entered in Web Applications that were no longer valid. But have also noticed that the total number of hits from Web Applications is down considerably.


I assume the SNOW is adding Cloud Applications into the database as a separate item since at the end of each Cloud App name it has (Cloud). 


Any clarification or insight is greatly appreciated.