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License Coverage Calculation

Question asked by SuzanneAllen on Jun 10, 2019

Before I open a problem ticket I'm wondering if anyone can help me with this.  I have loaded licenses for standalone Visual Studio 2019 (35), 2017 (55) and 2015 (20).  VS 2019 is entered with downgrade rights to VS 2017 and VS 2015 and VS 2017 is entered with downgrade rights to VS 2015.  VS 2015 has a license requirement of 61 licenses with an entitlement of 20.  Rather than applying the 20 VS 2015 licenses to the license requirement and then taking the remaining balance from VS 2017 and VS 2019, the compliance seems to be taking the entire 61 licenses needed from VS 2017 and VS 2019 and ignoring the 20 licenses of VS 2015.  Why?!


Standalone Visual Studio Compliance View