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Regarding organization structure, can you complete reporting for a non-legal node?

Question asked by andrewtanjuakio on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by snowtom

I am currently in the process of structuring my organization for the SLM tool and I had some questions regarding legal/non-legal nodes and reporting.


For example, in our organization we have nodes on the same level that will be legal nodes [Please refer to diagram below]. We want to conduct reporting (compliance, deployment, usage, etc.) for each individual legal node [1E, 2E] which all have the same parent node [EFG]; however, the parent node itself is not a legal node, but we want to conduct reporting at the parent node level that pools all of the metrics of the legal nodes below it.


1. Is it possible to complete this pooled reporting for the parent node if it is not a legal node? Can reporting be conducted for non-legal nodes in general? 


2. Can a non-legal node be a parent of a legal node?


Example Structure:

*BOLD indicates a legal node*


  •  Root 
    • ABC
      • EFG
        • 1E
        • 2E