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Trying to understand the logic for 'web application' monitoring

Question asked by MR on Jun 12, 2019
To enable 'web application' the 'SLM831_UserGuide_UserInterface' and 'SLM92_UserGuide_UserInterface' are not clear (for me). The docs only tell how to add a 'web application' but not what is involved to get it all working.
I'm trying to grasp the relation of all components.
  • Per tenant environment an administrator can add 'web application' sites (we have multiple tenants)
    • i do not see the defined 'web application' in the 'application' list of any tenant.
    • tried 'report criteria - web application equal to yes' but that gave an empty list.
  • they should be automatically added to SLM SRS
    • probably looking in the wrong place but i can't find them in the 'SMACC SLM - software recognition - application definitions'.
  • the Windows SI agent config
    • does not contain 'module configuration'
    • the idx.endpoint points to a file but i can't find it. Don't know if this file relates to 'web application'.
    • i have no access (yet) to agents to verify for the file : 'webapps.config'
  • the Windows SI Service gateway config
    • there is no 'webapps.config' on the SI service gateway and i assume each agent should have one
    • there is no moduleconfiguration entry for 'SnowLicenseManagerConfigurarionUri'
  • the Windows SI Master server config
    • the moduleconfiguration entry for 'SnowLicenseManagerConfigurarionUri' points to a local node in the domain (not accessible by tenants). That used to be a cloud pointer but that gave loads of errors and this config was modified as suggested by snow support (CS0018191) to a direct hostname pointer
    • The SMACC SI 'cloud app metering' has nothing to do with 'web application' metering?
I did check the following:
  • Cloud Metering vs. Web Applications
    • that describes an issue with 'web application' in SLM 9 but we still run 8.3.08 build 7026
    • it also contains a pointer to another blog 'Web Application rule problems' which mentiones a SQL query.
      • although the case mentioned to be SLM 9 related i did run it.
      • running that query on the SLM DB give entries in the database from october last year up to yesterday.
      • so i assume there are 'webapps.config' files and data is sampled.
What am i missing in this whole process and may need (re-)configuration?
- what am I missing meaning in that the data is gathered (based on the sql query see 2 bullets back) but can't find data in SLM (8) as described in the very first bullet while tenants have added 'web applications'.
Marcel Rijsbergen