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VMware connector not inventorying all VM

Question asked by Morgado on Jun 13, 2019
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Hello Snower's,


We noticed that our VMware connector is not retrieving all the possible information from the VCenters (even if configured to look for shutdown vms or templates).


I've confirmed that something is wrong because the logs of the collection are really missing some VMs and if I use VMware PoweCli (running in Snow Server as well) I can actually get more VMs and the corresponding license keys.


Is someone aware of this issue? How to troubleshoot it? Is it possible to rebuild the information that is collected from each VCenter? I deleted the configuration and added it again (login details) but no luck.


I have the VMware connector configured with around 20 central vCenters. I've tried a forced aggregation besides the daily schedule but still d'ont get all the VMs.