Procedure to Recreate Data Update Job 2.0 (SLM 9.X)

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NOTE: The solution in this article is given without a guarantee and it need experience and a deeper understanding of the SLM/SI and MS SQL. Data Base backup should on place before implementing this. If you don’t feel comfortable with applying these yourself, please contact your local Snow contact for assistance. Please remember this is not supported by snow and in case of any problems Snow support will not take the ownership of the problem



Open SQL management studio and log in with Admin privileges.

Select the job folder under sql Agent and press f7 and select DUJ all steps. Make sure you are not selecting other jobs like backup, etc….





Press the delete button and it will delete all the job steps.

Please make sure no DUJ step is left after deletion.

Open a query window in SQL management studio and run the following queries.

Use SnowLicenseManager exec JobRemove


use SnowLicenseManager exec JobAdd 'LicenseManagerUser'


Use SnowLicenseManager UPDATE dbo.tblInventoryDatabase

SET NewRowVersion = 0x0, NewSequenceNumber = 0


Next time when DUJ will run, it will trigger full data update job rather than sequential DUJ. So after these steps DUJ will took longer time than normal.